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Veet EasyWax Electrical Roll-On Kit First Impressions

Hello my dear beautiful readers :-)

I am sorry for not posting anything this week yet, but I was really busy.

I do not know if you tried this but I did first time this week, maybe I am late but I really wanted to share with you my thoughts on this:

Information from Veet:

Veet EasyWax Electrical Roll-On is an easy to use heated wax system that gives you salon-wax results at home.

For sensitive skin type.
Preparation: 20-30 minutes
Longlasting results
Body areas: legs, arms. (there are also different wax refills. one is this one for the legs and arms, and the other one is for underarms and bikini line)

My thoughts and more information:

My boyfriend and I were just buying groceries and things for home, and when we were passing by beauty section of the store, I just saw this Veet product and thought to try it. I have to say I was never a girl who loved to mess around with waxing at home, like buying wax strips or making my own sugaring pasta, I always loved going to my beautician and after couple of minutes I am all done without much pain and without any mess. It was easier for me to do so. But we ended up buying this. I wanted to try if I can do my legs without going to salon and without mess, since it is a roll-on.

Ok, the package you get contains one self heating device and its cap,
a 50 ml roll-on wax refill, 12 non-woven strips, paper with instructions, 4 perfect finish wipes, a base to hold the device and electrical cable.

It is great that heating device has its cap and pink rubber on both sides to be more comfortable in hands and easier to use. It is very useful and really great, and also this base to hold the device is really nice.  It is all made of plastic but it serves its purpose.

Ingredients of the wax are the same as those in salons.


Firstly, I pluged the device and set my phone on 20 minutes.
After 20 minutes I tried the wax on small area and I see it was not ready yet.
I heated the wax for 30 minutes, 20 minutes was not enough for me.
And I could not do my both legs without heating it a couple minutes more.

When the wax is hot enough and when it comes to applying, the roll-on works great. Really great.
It puts on equally quantity of wax everywhere.

! You have to roll on wax in the direction of hair-growth. Always.

When it comes to strips, I think they could have put more in the package.
I already have used 7 of them for the first time.
Maybe the next time I will not need as much as this first time, because I made some mistakes.

! When you apply the stripes over the wax, you should remove it quickly against the direction of hair growth.


I am not really sensitive and I can deal with pain really well. This did not hurt me at all.
For me the pain level is the same, doing this at home or by my beautician.
But it depends how you can handle pain, if it hurts you when visiting your beautician then I am not sure how it will work for you.

Price: 14,99 € (Germany)


When it comes to results, I think this is incredible product, I have used it only for my legs and my skin is smooth, really like I was in salon, and I did it myself at home.
At first I thought it will be messy, and I did not like that, but when you get used to there will be no mess.

(I could not find this one just for sensitive skin on the online page, only the new one.)

Have you tried this product? Was it good for you too? Or not?
Thank you for your time,

xo Thea

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