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Sigma F80 vs. Zoeva 104 Overview

Hey my beauties,

how are you doing?

I want to share with you a few words about two great and similar makeup foundation brushes, Sigma F80 flat kabuki brush and Zoeva 104 buffer brush.


-Sigma: comes wrapped in nylon, not really beautiful.

-Zoeva: comes in a litlle plastic storage pouch, which I love.


-Sigma: I love how it is made, dense and large, handle and ferrule are both really well made, bristles are synthetic and do not fall out, it works amazingly, catches the pigment great but does not waste the product.

-Zoeva: this brush is pretty much all the same, it is made perfectly, really amazing quality, bristles does not fall out and are synthetic also, except this brush is wider and it is 100% vegan.


-Both of these brushes have really great quality, they do their job perfect, streaks free, and they distribute the product even.
The handle lenght is just ideal in both, they are both dense and they work really nice on the face, bristles are synthetic but not harsh.
I did not experience any shedding when washing them. I love them.


- Sigma: 24, 99€  buy

-Zoeva: 16, 99€  buy

I recommend both of these brushes, they are almost the same, except the Zoeva 104 buffer brush is a bit wider as you can see on pictures, it costs almost 10 euro less and it is 100% vegan.

Thank you for your time,

write me about your best foundation brush, I would love to read and maybe find some other great foundation brushes.

Also I will write soon a post about makeup brushes I use everyday so stay tuned :-)

xoxo Thea

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  1. Thanks for your help I'm definitely getting the Zoeva 104.