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Top 5 beauty tips and tricks♡

Hey my lovelies,

as you can see from the title I want to share with you some beauty tips and tricks that I use and that I think are worth writing and mentioning, nowadays there are a lot of videos, posts about beauty tricks, but I really wanted to mention the ones I/We really use/could use in everyday life.

1. Use white eyepencil on your lid before you apply the eyeshadow if you want your eyeshadow to show off fully. Also: you can easily highlight your eyebrows with white pencil.
White pencil I am using is NYX in shade Milk.
You can use any white pencil, it does not need to be "chubby" and if you pencil is hard, continue to read, you could use trick #2.

2. Use a lighter to make your pencil softer and easier to use. Warm the pencil with lighter but not too long, just 3 or 4 seconds and test it on your arm before you apply pencil on your eyelid.

3. Always curl your lashes before putting fake ones on, because then they will be easier to apply and will sit better on.

4. Bronzer can be hard to apply correctly. It can easily make your face look dirty and not pretty.
Try to sprinkle some powder into the center of the bronzer and it will make it easier to blend.

5. Use scotch tape to do your wing liner and practice it until you get used to.
OR make the line with an eyepencil and then just go over it with the eyeliner.

+something I had to mention but I am sure you all know this trick:

Use hair dryer to warm eyelash curler so that it curls your eyelashes better.

+if you want to experiment try:

Use a vaseline to make your own lip gloss, just mix the vaseline with any shade you want and it is done.

Thank you, I hope you like this post and until next time,

have a great weekend,

xoxo Thea

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