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KIKO Cosmetics Definiton Eyeliner Review

Hey my beauties,

here is one beauty related post, finally I had some time to sit and enjoy writing again :-)
Today I am writing about Kiko Definition Eyeliner.

Description: (kikocosmetics)

"Easy to use Liqiud Eyeliner with fine brush applicator.

It is "plastic" texture - acrylic based with highly concentrated pigments - adheres easily to the eyelid
for an extra-black shiny and brilliant effect.

Easy to remove owing to its delicate, water-based, paraben-free formula.

The extremely fine brush applicator ensures a simple, and at the same time, very precise and true line.

Available in black."

Price: 6,90€ - now -50%  3,90€ 

I can totally agree with every single word in this description from Kiko Cosmetics website except ...

I have never put on eyeliner as easily as with this eyeliner,
the brush is perfection for liquid liner, it is thin, precise and so easy to use.
I think that every liquid liner should have such great and fine brush applicator.

Texture is really water-based, and what I could notice is that there is not extra-black pigmentation.
It requires touch ups while applying to be extra-black so you can not apply it in just one coat, but since it is shiny and also water-based I was expecting that. It is nothing unusual for that type of eyeliners.

It is not super long lasting on me and it does smudge a little bit after a while, but that depends from person to person.

Except, I am not a big fan of shiny eyeliners, this was picked from my boyfriend, I love how easy it is applied and how easy it is to remove at night, easy peasy, in just one move but I do not like that it smudges a bit. (not much but stil)

Next time I need to see if Kiko has matte eyeliner because I use them more, but definetely with this type of applicator, which is, I need to say one more time: perfect :-D

Now I will show you swatches and how it looks next to Maybelline Master Ink matte eyeliner (if you want review just write down in comments)

Left is Maybelline and on the right is Kiko Definition Eyeliner:

And this is how it looks on me, I did not have any other make up on.
On the picture it does not look shiny at all, but live is the difference visible.

What eyeliner do you use and which one is your favourite?

Share with me :-)

Thank you so much for reading,

xo Thea

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