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Some of my favourite nailposlishes :-)

Hello my beauties,
today I want to share with you some of my favourite nailpolishes,
I hope you will enjoy :-)

1.Manhattan Last&Shine  (350 MEOW-TYFUL)
2.Rival de Loop Matt (02)
3. KIKO nail lacquer (nr. 266)
4. Manhattan Last&Shine (640 Bring it on!)
5. Lacura beauty Mirror Shine (01 gold)
6. P2 (090 red lady)
7. P2 Leather Matte polish (070 insider's diary)
8. P2 All light UV nailpolish (065 perfect peach)
9. Catrice Colour Brightening Base Coat with Keratin (01 On Top of the Alpes)
10. Rival de Loop Matt (03)
11. Rival de Loop Matt (01)

If you ask me, the best nailpolish from drugstore are these p2 nailpolishes, they are not expensive but they are longlasting and the colours are the prettiest, also they have a little thicker brush which I like.
This P2 090 red lady is the prettiest red colour for me.

Underneath this Lacura beauty Mirror Shine you can not wear base coat because than the colour mixes up. 

Manhattan nailpolishes are also very great and longlasting.

I use this Catrice Base Coat as white nailpolish and it is awesome.

My favourite matt nailpolishes are these Rival de Loop, especially this light pink, in one coat you are finished, but this red and grey need to be build up.

All these nailpolishes are applied in one coat.

Thank you for reading,

xo Thea

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